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Specialty Certificate Courses

General Information About Specialty Certificate Courses
What are Specialty Certificate Courses? - These distant education mini courses are designed to enhance your training in various medical specialties. NCCT has hired leading experts in a variety of fields to construct these new courses for you. Many of today’s allied health professionals are employed by physicians in specialized areas of practice. NCCT now offers specialty certificate courses for the following areas: OB/GYN, pediatrics, geriatrics, substance abuse, general practice, and rehabilitation.

Why should I take a Specialty Certificate Course? - Lifelong learning is the hallmark of all true professionals. Use these courses to set yourself above and apart from the rest. It increases your value, especially individuals seeking new employment or future advancement. Your new knowledge not only improves your competence and importance to your team, but will also increase your own self-assurance.

Why do only Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists, and Insurance and Coding Specialists have courses? - Any certified allied health professional may take any specialty certificate course. Courses that have medical assistant in their title are more general in nature and are applicable to all allied health professionals. Courses that have phlebotomist in their title primarily deal with some aspect of drawing blood. Courses that have Insurance & Coding in their title deal with the coding of a specialty area. Again, any certified allied health professional may take any specialty certificate course offered by NCCT.

How many courses can I take? - Many people will only take a single course. They’ll take the specialty certificate course covering the area where they are currently working. Others will take a course of a topic that they find particularly interesting. But many others will end up taking all the courses available. They know that knowledge is power. This is an easy way for them to increase their power in the profession where they work.
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Specialty Certificate Course List
NOTE: Each course is available for download after completing purchase. To download a course, login above and then click on the download icon under Download Now.
DISCLAIMER: Previously purchased Recertification/CE fees or credits can NOT be used for Specialty Courses.
You will need Adobe Reader to view the CE courses. Click on the free download link to get Adobe Reader. Free download of full version Adobe Reader

Specialty Courses for Medical Assistants
Specialty Course Name -
(click to download preview of course)
PDF FormatPDF + CD By MailDownload Now
Addictions for Medical Assistants (37 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Domestic Violence for Medical Assistants (49 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Geriatrics for Medical Assistants (45 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Grief Awareness for Medical Assistants (32 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Insomnia for Medical Assistants (32 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Laboratory Methods for Medical Assistants (56 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Military Trauma for Medical Assistants (52 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Minor Surgery for Medical Assistants (64 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Nutrition for Medical Assistants (34 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Obstetrics and Gynecology for Medical Assistants (39 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Ophthalmology for Medical Assistants (26 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Pediatrics for Medical Assistants (31 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Podiatry for Medical Assistants (49 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Psychology for Medical Assistants (49 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Substance Abuse for Medical Assistants (32 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship

Specialty Courses for Phlebotomists
Specialty Course Name -
(click to download preview of course)
PDF FormatPDF + CD By MailDownload Now
Blood Bank for Phlebotomists (47 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Disability Considerations for Phlebotomists (30 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Geriatrics for Phlebotomists (48 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Hematology for Phlebotomists (45 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Lean and Six Sigma for Phlebotomists (35 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Medicolegal for Phlebotomists (49 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Microbiology and Infection Control for Phlebotomists (40 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
OSHA for Phlebotomists (42 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Pediatrics for Phlebotomists (53 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Point of Care Testing for Phlebotomists (44 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
Preanalytical Phlebotomy (33 pages) $29.95 $39.94 + Ship
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Instructions For Completing Specialty Certificate Courses
How do I take the course? - Simply select and pay for the specialty certificate course that you want. The course can then be downloaded from the NCCT website and/or sent to you on a CD disc. The course is divided into chapters. There is an open-book quiz at the end of every chapter to help you assess your understanding of that chapter’s material. Upon completing all the chapters, you can access the course’s final examination online. Login above and then click on the Take a Specialty Certificate Course Test above. Choose the Final Exam for your course. Seventy percent or better is considered a passing grade for these courses.

What do I receive when I pass a Specialty Certificate Course? - Upon passing the course’s final exam you will receive a log book, certificate of completion and a sticker from NCCT signifying that you have successfully completed this specialty course. The red and gold course sticker should be placed in your new NCCT Professional Development Log Book. You will also receive five clock hours of countinuing education credit for the current recertification cycle. Clock hours completed in excess of your required amount will not be held over for next recertification year. The course and credit will be displayed on your coutinuing education transcript. (Note: previously paid renewal or recertification fees cannot be used to pay for Speciality Certificate Courses.)

What is an NCCT Professional Development Log Book? - The purpose of the NCCT Logbook of Professional Development is to provide you a comprehensive record of your post-school professional education. This logbook will help you track your progress as you earn various NCCT specialty certificates. It can also be used to track outside educational seminars or courses that you attend through your employer, additional schooling, and/or professional associations.

Can I get the courses in a paper format? - We’re sorry, but we have to say, “No.” There are two important reasons for this no answer. The first is cost. We can keep the price of each of our courses at a minimum, by making it exclusive to an electronic format. We know how hard you work for your money and these courses’ in a downloadable format are truly an exceptional value. The second reason is green. We are working hard to make NCCT greener. Every company needs to consider the impact their products have on the environment. That will help save hundreds of trees each and every year.
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