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NCCT believes people can learn in a variety of ways so we offer multiple routes of eligibility for certification testing. Students and graduates of NCCT authorized schools, working professionals, and military trained professionals may all qualify to take NCCT certification exams.

Medical Assistant - NCMA

Accredited by NCCA

Medical assistants are allied healthcare professionals who are responsible for various clinical and/or administrative duties. They perform clinical functions including but not limited to direct patient care and preparation, ECG, phlebotomy, and pharmacology while maintaining patient safety and confidentiality. They may also perform administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, bookkeeping, and billing and insurance processing.

Medical Office Assistant - NCMOA

Accredited by NCCA

Medical Office Assistants are allied health professionals who are responsible for various medical office administrative tasks beginning with initial patient contact through final payment. They perform front office functions such as scheduling, communicating (with healthcare professionals, patients and third party payers), handling medical records, and financial management while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations.

ECG Technician - NCET

Accredited by NCCA

ECG Technicians are allied health professionals who are responsible for performing diagnostic tests to assess the patient's heart rhythm and rate. They ensure proper electrode placement on the patient, record the ECG, prepare the report for the physician, ensure patient comfort and safety, and troubleshoot abnormalities with the recording.

Phlebotomy Technician - NCPT

Accredited by NCCA

Phlebotomy technicians are healthcare professionals responsible for obtaining patient specimens. They can perform various functions such as venipuncture, micro-collection, and specimen processing and handling while maintaining patient safety and confidentiality.

Tech in Surgery - Certified (NCCT), TS-C (NCCT)

Accredited by NCCA

Surgical technologists are allied health professionals who are responsible for various tasks pre, intra, and post operatively. They maintain asepsis during surgery, anticipating the surgeon’s needs while remaining attentive to all aspects of the surgical procedure to ensure a safe environment for the patient.

Insurance and Coding Specialists- NCICS

Accredited by NCCA

Insurance and Coding Specialists provide medical billing and coding services to physician's offices and medical specialty practices for health care providers to be paid for services rendered. Insurance and Coding Specialists prepare and submit claims to insurance companies and prepare and send statements to patients.

Patient Care Technician - NCPCT

Accredited by NCCA

Patient care technicians are allied health professionals who provide direct patient care within their regulated scope of practice. They perform basic nursing assistant tasks (as delegated by the nursing or medical staff) which may include obtaining patient vital signs and other data, communicating with the healthcare team and patients, assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs), complying with confidentiality requirements, and performing ECGs and phlebotomy tasks.

Certified Postsecondary Instructor® - CPI®

Certified Postsecondary Instructor® (CPI®) certification is designed primarily for individuals who act in a teaching capacity in postsecondary career or technical college educational programs or healthcare institutions. Candidates are typically subject matter experts who have been hired to train or instruct others, but do not possess an academic background in education.

Certified Home Health Aide

Certified Home Health Aides support individuals in the comfort of their own homes with daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication management. CHHAs are highly valued for their dedication, compassion, and ability to maintain the dignity and independence of their clients, making it a truly rewarding profession.