Review Book - CPI Volume 1, Volume 2, and Printed Practice Test

Price: $44.95
Short Description: Review Books 1 & 2
and Practice Test with Answers
Description Title: Save Money on the Perfect Review
Description: Our Standard Review Package includes the official NCCT CPI Review Books 1 & 2 and also includes a Practice Test with answers.

The 138 page CPI® Review Book (Volume 1) provides an introduction to the competencies included in the four major content categories of this certification examination:

• Education Theory related to Adult Learning
• Planning and Designing Curriculum
• Implementation in the Classroom
• Assessment

Each content category discussion begins with a basic overview and includes ERIC Digest articles that provide additional breadth for your review. References are included. The review concludes with “lessons learned” from a contributing author and selected additional topics are included.

After working through Volume 1 to determine your areas of weakness, Volume 2 of the CPI® Review Book (113 pages) provides you with additional ERIC Digest articles along with self-assessment review questions for each of them. Topics were carefully selected to provide depth to your preparation for this exam, with the greatest attention to “selection of instructional methods” and “classroom delivery skills.” The two-volume set can be a valuable tool for both test preparation and for later reference by instructors on the job.

The CPI® Practice test is designed to familiarize candidates with the types of questions found on the certification exam, but will NOT be taken from the live question bank. There are a total of 98 questions covering all content categories at all levels.